Wildlife - Professional

Rhino Reflection

Susan Greeff
South Africa

Honorable Mention

"Rhino Reflection"
Rhino Reflection is not only the literal description of the image, but also the sad reality that rhino numbers are decreasing due to the murderous acts of killing them off for greedy poaching of their horns. Only the reflection in our photographs of this magnificent specie will remain if the poaching of rhino is not stopped.

Biography: Travel and Photography expose me to experience people, places and moments from a creative view. As a life counsellor and coach I seek for meaning and connection with what and whom I encounter. I let life flow. My work has been on exhibition in Germany, UK and South Africa. My work have been nominee and honourable mentioned in the 8th, 10th & 11th Black and White Spider Awards, Le Grande Photo Awards. Finalist in the Photo Contest of Getaway Magazine, Exposure Awards and Published work in the Exposure Awards' The Body Collection.

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