Photojournalism - Professional

Life in Camp

Babak Mani

Honorable Mention

"Life in Camp"
I took this photo in the Camp that named "JUNGLE" in Calais - France several months ago. Very cold climate, poor situation, lacked of food and clean water and hygiene were important problems for peop

Biography: Babak Mani (b.1981) His Grandfather, Father and Uncles were Photographer, he got familiar with photography like as mother tongue. Babak worked beside his studies since 10 in an old photo studio. In his twentieth, he took portraits of majority of Iranian Artists and Celebrities in his private Atelier for different fields of work and his portraits selected for a book that was published in 2009. Photos of Celebrities used for more than 400 covers of Magazines and Covers of Artist's Books ,Music Albums and also displayed as Advertising Billboards in his country. He starts Documentary...

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