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Corpus Christi Celebration

Adrian Streun


"Corpus Christi Celebration"
The God's Grenadiers array during Corpus Christi. A woman in a traditional costume walks by.

Biography: Born in 1966, Switzerland. I was already fascinated by photography as a young man. Between 1988 and 1992 I did my degree at the Schule fuer Gestaltung in Bern and Ecole d'Art Applique in Vevey. In the early years I worked as freelance photographer for press medias, magazines and on assignments. Most of my work is documentary photography. At the Bernischer Fotopreis in 1996 I was awarded an honor of recognition. For now I is a stringer photographer for the international news agency Thomson Reuters Pictures and a member of the Vienna based photo agency ASAblanca. As photo reporter,...

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