Fine Art - Professional

Around the Corner and Down the Street

Wendi Schneider


"Around the Corner and Down the Street"
Pigment ink on vellum over white gold leaf. Finding balance between the real and the imagined to illuminate the grace of the natural world. From "States of Grace: Flora"

Biography: Wendi Schneider is a fine art photographer, originally from Memphis, New Orleans and New York, now based in Denver. Her sensual photographs illuminate organic forms in nature and the delicate balance between the real and the imagined. Her images are inspired by a background in painting, art history and the lush beauty of the South. She began making hand-painted photographs in the early '80s and is now creating gilded vellum prints for her "States of Grace" series of Figura, Flora and Fauna. Exhibited and collected internationally, she is represented by A Gallery For Fine Photography.

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