Children of the World - Professional

Waiting for Start Festival, Myanmar

Cees Rijnen

Honorable Mention

"Waiting for Start Festival, Myanmar"
My hopes are that this amazing nation and especially the energy of its beautiful inhabitants may influence our modern, manipulated lives. With the help of my photo art & books I aim to contribute to i

Biography: Cees Rijnen - born at Tilburg, the Netherlands. As a commercial photographer for many years Cees has built a reputation as a specialist in photography as well as in film, resulting in remarkable portraits of people, products or services. With his keen eye for beauty he holds the key to a universal understanding of what makes images connect – at first sight and for longer periods of time as well. Especially in the studio it is often necessary to mask or, on the contrary, highlight certain facts; anything to make the magic work. To inspire and refresh his visions on his professional...

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